Without a Tournament Director there can be no tournament.

Try not to take your TD for granted!


The TD will ensure that the tournament runs smoothly and resolve any issues that arise at the table.

But he is human like the rest of us and will appreciate you co-operation.

You should call the Director whenever you have a problem, but remember:

Be Courteous      Call the director politely, in a tone that will not upset your opponents

Be Patient           When you call he may be involved elsewhere, do not demand instant attention.                           

Be Aware            Familiarise yourself with the basic movements, check that you have the correct boards and the correct opponents

Be Helpful           Offer to assist with setting up and clearing up. Pass the boards to the next table. Do not leave them on the floor.

Be Tidy               Clear away crockery, glasses and litter

Be Grateful         It costs nothing to thank the workers