Better Behaviour at Bridge: Monthly Memo (13)

March 2015:           Dummy’s Dos and Don’ts


Dummy is declarer’s partner. He becomes dummy once the opening lead is made.

(Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2007, Definitions)


After the auction is concluded, and before the opening lead is made, the future dummy should,

                   (if asked), give a complete review of the auction

                    answer questions about the calls made

                    correct any misexplanations given by partner during the auction.

                                            For example, you might say: ‘ partner should (not) have alerted my call’


When the opening lead is made dummy’s hand is spread ‘face up, sorted into suits, the cards in order of rank with the lowest ranking cards towards declarer, and in columns pointing lengthwise towards declarer. Trumps are placed to dummy’s right.’                                                                           (Law 41D)


‘Declarer plays a card from dummy by naming the card, after which dummy picks up the card and faces it on the table.’                                                                                                                                                                                                    (Law 45B)


DO                          play the nominated card clearly: pick it up and place it apart from the other cards

DO NOT                   play a card that declarer has not nominated

                               look at other players’ cards


‘Dummy  must not participate in the play, nor may he communicate anything about the play to declarer.’                                                                                                                                                                                                              (Law 43A1c)


DO                          try to prevent an irregularity, such as a lead out of turn.

                              tell partner when he has placed a played card wrongly – ‘we won that trick, partner’

                              try to prevent partner from revoking – ‘having no peaches, partner?’


DO NOT                draw attention to an irregularity after it has happened

                                       If someone has led out of turn say nothing – only an active player can object

                                       If you think a defender has revoked: say nothing till the end of play

                                       Never call the director on your own initiative