Better Behaviour At Bridge

Our President. Mike Ash, has completed his series of visits to all Districts.  He has listened to what you have to say, and feels that the Scottish Bridge Union should take some action to make our events more enjoyable for our members.

One thing we shall do is launch a campaign for Better Behaviour at Bridge.

With our limited resources we cannot fully implement the Zero Tolerance standards imposed by larger organisations like the ACBL. We must rely on the support of our members and clubs to raise the standards of acceptable behaviour.

With this letter you will receive a copy of the Better Behaviour Poster, which lists some do’s and don’ts; also a Power Point poster with this month’s theme, which is ‘Be Nice!’

One perceived reason for falling numbers in our clubs and events is that newcomers are intimidated: perhaps by unfamiliarity with the demands of a tournament - or could it be by the behaviour of more experienced players? We should all be familiar with Law 74: Conduct and Etiquette. Let us each examine our conscience and ask: could we do more to help others enjoy our game?

We plan to concentrate on one aspect of bad or irritating behaviour each month, and hope that you will all join us in our attempt to Do Better.

Remember - it is often not the words used that offend but the manner in which they are spoken.

  1. Bad Mouthing is Bad
  2. Law 9B(a)
  3. Law 7A
  4. Unauthorised Info
  5. Etiquette
  6. Law 45A
  7. Law 74 Etiquette
  8. Active Ethics
  9. Psyches
  10. Hesitations
  11. Misexplanations
  12. Don't Abuse the Bidding Box
  13. Dummy's do's and don'ts
  14. Please Ask Nicely!
  15. Alerting Procedure
  16. Be Nice to the TD
  17. Respect the Stop Card
  18. Are We Doing Better?
  19. Tony Forrester on Better Behaviour
  20. Better Behaviour Notice
  21. Be Nice Poster


Liz McGowan

Chairman, Laws and Ethics Committee