Support person

Angus Macdonald, Chief TD

Purpose of role

Running / scoring tournaments in various forms at many different levels online and face to face.

Specific Tasks

Creating board sets and hand print outs. Setting up playing playing area, deciding on movement, setting up scoring software, ensuring players know where to go, giving out and passing boards. Dealing with a great variety of calls. Finalising and posting results. Dealing with master points, clearing up.

Skills required

Extensive knowledge of the Laws and procedures used in applying them. Knowledge of creating and dealing board sets, of scoring software, of various and best movements for Pairs and Teams. Setting up and managing online platforms. Understanding and applying the various scoring choices MPs/aggregate/imps/vps/butler-ximps. 

Unflappable, tact and the patience of a saint.

Expected Time Commitment:

Dependant on individual choices of directing at Club, Regional or National level.

Support & Training

Support from Chair Competitions Committee

How to apply

Contact Angus Macdonald for more information