Approach to Volunteers 

Successful volunteering programmes:

  •   Actively look for volunteers from as wide a community as they can
  •   Have flexibility for volunteers to work at times and in ways that suit them.
  •   Have well defined volunteering roles descriptions detailing skills required with clear time commitments
  •   Good training and support for their volunteers.
  •   Engage and touch base with them often gathering and acting on feedback
  •   Important to be clear what they will get out of the arrangement.

The SBU recognises these points, so we have developed this approach to volunteering.

We prepare carefully:

  •  with good definitions of what we would like volunteers to do that include the time commitment and skills required 
  •  have a plan for communicating with, training and supporting volunteers
  • listen to the volunteers' requirements, understanding why they are interested in volunteering, their skills and availability
  • be flexible about how a role is performed to accommodate volunteers' abilities, availability, and preferences.

When we engage the volunteers, we:

  •   treat them with respect
  •   honour the commitments we make about time commitment, training and support
  •   establish an encouraging environment that gives positive feedback and is tolerant of mistakes.
  •   make it clear what they will get from the arrangement
  •   communicate with them regularly
  •   recognise their work and achievements