Adding a results article is mostly like adding any other new article. There are some things to know though:

First off, your results material might be coming from one of several places ...

Adding content from a Microsoft Word document

Open your Word document and "select all" or select whatever part of the document you are aiming to publish.

In your newly created web page article, click inside the empty content area then hit the "Paste From Word" button and the job is hopefully a good 'un. You may well find that you can get by with just pasting with <Control>V in the usual manner, but using the "Paste From Word" button should be more reliable.

The Paste icons are not very big ... they look like this.

These are "Paste as Text" (throws away all the fancy formatting and just pastes the actual text, "Paste From Word" and a regular "Paste" command. You copy something from somewhere (using "Copy" or <Control>C or however you're used to copying things) then you hit this button, and it pastes it into the web page. If you copied fancy formatted text, it ought to paste fancy formatted text,

Adding from an Excel Spreadsheet

You should be able to just use the regular "Paste" commands from Excel.

Adding from a Web Format File

You may well have your results in HTML format already - Score Bridge will give you this, and if you open up your file it looks like this ...

<Title>Sim Pairs 2014 Final - Monday 10 November 14</Title>

H1 {text-align:center;font-family:Times New Roman;font-weight:bold;
font-size:20pt; color:#0000FF}



<body bgcolor="#FFCAB0" text = "#000000" ><center>

<a Name="a">

<P class=Credit>Produced by ScoreBridge from - Licensed to ........

This is web code. We can use that.

Open your scoring file in Notepad. You can open in in MS Word and use the earlier instructions if you find that easier, but it's much slower and more prone to potential problems.

Select All in Notepad. In your web page article view this is the one time you need to use "Source View".  There should be a tab called "Source", or the Source button in the toolbar looks like this:


Click inside the empty Content Area and just hit Paste. Any old paste will do.


Looks great, doesn't it? Now go back to Design tab or hit that Source button again and you will see your results just as they came out of Score Bridge. Sweet!

Actually it tends to look better if you then select everything and hit the little "Tx" button to strip out all the Scorebridge type clunky font sizes and so on.

You're done!

Don't forget to add categories and tags as needed, then save and close your article.

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