Open Teams of Four
            Friday afternoon

                     16th to 18th October 2015

Pos  VPs                      Names

  1  123 John Holland / Clive Owen / Charles Outred / Vi Outred              
  2  109 Jim Hay / Andy Philip / Ross Woodburn / Jean McLeod                 
  3  103 Norman Gray / Rosemary Gray / Frank Springett / Mike Stanbury       
  4= 100 Iain Taylor / Robert Thomson / Grant Harrower / Anne Ritchie        
  4= 100 Olivia Bailey / Jun Nakamuru-Pinder / Hugh Gormally / Niamh Gormally
  6   92 Robert Clow / Tim McKay / Derick Peden / Malcolm Copley             
  7   90 Jim Forsyth / Cathy Ferguson / Bob McKinnon / Ian Patrick           
  8   89 Ricky Finlayson / Avril Sloane / Harry Connelly / Farhad NoorBakhsh 
  9=  85 Babs Matthews / Joyce White / Maureen Mitchell / Christine Edwards  
  9=  85 Liz Grant / Jenny Knill Jones / Gillian Roberts / George Roberts    
  9=  85 Peter Moss / George Plant / John Brandon-Joyce / Peter Mollart      
  9=  85 Bob Hunter / Ron Moodie / Mike Marshall / Gavin Christie            
 13   84 Ken Macdonald / Rita Macdonald / Lucia Barrett / Lorna Middleton    
 14   83 John Faben / Peter Stephens / Alex Wilkinson / Martin Stephens      
 15   79 Bill Gardner / Mike Bell / Ian Sime / Fiona MacQuaker               
 16   78 Tim Matthews / Ian Reeves / John Farmer / Bill White                
 17   77 Steve Male / Janet Rixon / Peter Hodgson / Willie Nelson            
 18   76 Elizabeth McGuire / Sandra Rabbitts / Russell Frame / Len Gray      
 19=  73 Maria Calamaro / Isabelle Morresi / Maha Whiteway / Barbara Amblard 
 19=  73 Carolyn Peploe / Dilys Gellatly / Veronica Guy / Fiona Greenwood    
 21   72 Vicky Hirst / Irene Boothman / Steve Hall / Kate Hall               
 22   69 Arnaud Vinciguerra / Arnaud Flecchia/ Dorothee Parayre / I Faurisson
 23   68 V de Longevialle / A de Longevialle/ M L Goulden / D Stapilton-Smith
 24   64 Margaret Bell / Frances Linehan / Beryl Campbell / Allan Gordon     
 25   51 Liz McGowan / David Liggat / Jim McMenemy / Paul Maiolani           
 26   46 Christine Danjou/S Schlumberger/ Nicole el Khouri/ Brigitte Castaing
 27   21 Anne MacLeod / Peggy Donaldson / Bob Innes / Kathleen Craig

  • Improvers’ Bidding Challenge No 8

    Improvers' Bidding Challenge No. 8 Aimed at District/Local/Club Masters and Novices.  Entries from those in classes are particularly welcome. Please submit your entries to emailProtector.addCloakedMailto("ep_6fb2ad97", 1); by 10th...

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  • Improvers’ Bidding Challenge 7 – April 2017

    Improvers' Bidding Challenge 7 Results

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  • Summer Bronze Congress won by Katharine Bailey & David Hamilton

    Katharine Bailey and David Hamilton won the Bronze event at Peebles Congress last weekend. (photo)

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  • Summer Congress Report from the Bronze Ranks

    SBU Peebles Congress for National and Bronze level players. Please read this report about the Bronze section of the SBU Congress held recently at Peebles Hydro. We went to the SBU Summer Congress last weekend!  We were rather worried that we had overstepped the mark, but we had been told that the SBU were running a Bronze level player congress, in tandem with their main elite congress.  The SBU has recognised that...

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  • Summer National Congress at Peebles

    The SBU Summer National Congress is now over, with the gongs going as follows: Congress Pairs - Pieter van Dijk Trophy - Jim Forsyth & Susan Aitchison Congress Teams - Sam Punch, Tim Rees, Stephen Peterkin & Les Steel Consolation Pairs - Brian Short & Alan Goodman Consolation Teams - Mike Clack, Lyn Fry, Pearl Murphy & Denis Murphy Swiss Pairs - Jeff Wilkins & Ann Wilkins Swiss Teams - Joyce White, Bill White, Tim...

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  • 26th European Youth Team Championships

    The European Youth Team Championships took place in July 2017 in Šamorín, Slovakia. See the team "video postcard" at! For the U26 Open Team Championship, the selectors decided to build on the experience gained in the Junior Camrose and selected the same team for the U26 Open Team Championship.  Abi Wilson & Jun Nakamaru-Pinder, Gints Freimanis & Stewart...

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  • EBU Score

    The SBU has  purchased a licence for EBUScore for use in National Events. If any Advanced / National TD needs to download this for use in a national event or practice please contact Christine Walker

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  • Obituary: Sam Leckie

    Sam Leckie sadly passed away after a long illness in June 2017. Many of our current players will have no memory of Sam who stopped playing competitive bridge in the 1990s but those of a certain age will remember Sam as a colossus of Scottish Bridge. Sam represented Great Britain in a junior friendly then soon thereafter formed his partnership with Victor Goldberg, described by Liz McGowan in her must read history of...

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  • President's Report - June 2017

    One year gone and to be honest due to the resignations a difficult year and my thanks are due to my team for doing the extra work required. I know results, including posting and tournament directing involving starting times and lack of Wi-Fi, have spoilt some of our tournaments, these are on our urgent list for improvement. I have to say our web page is not the easiest for finding items. Currently research is...

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  • Chairman's Cup (29 July - 3 Aug 2017)

    The Scotland team for the Chairman's Cup in Sweden will be Harry Smith, Roy Bennett, Alex Adamson and Mike McGinley. This event is part of the Swedish Bridge Festival, and is run by the Swedish Bridge Federation.  

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  • National League 2017

    A list of the teams entered so far appears at the end of this article.  If we have 22 or more teams entered, we shall have both a Division 2 and a Division 3.  The two weekends of National League are October 28 & 29 at the Buchanan BC, Glasgow and November 18 & 19 at the New Melville BC, Edinburgh.  Entries are now being taken with a closing date of July 15th 2017.  The entry fee remains at £300 per team (Juniors half...

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SBU National & Bronze Congresses at Peebles Hydro

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