SBN cover, July 2016Subscription to the Scottish Bridge News (SBN)

'Scottish Bridge News' is the Official Magazine of the Scottish Bridge Union.

The current annual SBU membership fee of £6 will not enable the Scottish Bridge Union to send everyone their own copy of our quarterly magazine. To receive a personal copy, SBU members can subscribe for just £12 per year, or £10 if payment is arranged via a Standing Order (see below). We expect to keep the price stable for a few years ahead, however perhaps not as long as the more than 20 years that has elapsed since the last increase.

Taking out a subscription means:

  • The Scottish Bridge News will be mailed directly to you at your home address.
  • As a magazine subscriber you will be eligible to enter competitions such as the Peebles Hydro quarterly and annual Bidding Competition.
  • The magazine subscription year starts each September with issues published Oct/Jan/Apr and July.
  • You will be entitled to play in the Farquharson Trophy, a Pairs Championship restricted to SBN subscribers and direct SBU members. (A subscriber may play with a non-subscriber if they have the same permanent residence)
  • You will be able to enjoy the new items of interest in the magazine (in its 26th year) from October 2015

How to subscribe

Pay using our Standing Order form

Please note that since you are a SBU member you can access your own record on MEMPAD.
This will enable you to look at your master point records, check that you are a SBN club member and also check that your contact details including postal address are correct.   

Contact Bill Whyte if you have any queries.

Thank you

Bill Whyte
SBU Member Services Committee – 11 February 2015