This section will act as a library of relevant documents describing the technicalities of the SBU Master Point Scheme.  We start with the SEVENTH edition of the Handbook of the Master Points Scheme (HOTMPS) which is dated September 2013. This comprehensive document was printed and distributed to all clubs and Districts at the time, free of charge. Some hard copies are still retained and can be purchased for £5 each, but supply is limited.

The 7th edition of HOTMPS (aka as the wee pink book) still retains currency but changes have occurred since then, but as yet there is no eighth issue.

Developments since then include (in chronological sequence)

  1. Modification of the points awards made at SBU Congresses (Peebles and Overseas), which is basically a rewrite of Chapter 12. This is the revised 7th edition of HOTMPS document and is dated October 2015.
  2. Rewrite of Chapter 11 covering National Competitions;
  3. Rewrite of Chapter 8 covering Leagues (Club, Area, District and National).

Chapters 8, 11 and 12 have been completely rewritten and take precedence over the corresponding chapters in the Sept 2013 7th edition.

Lastly, for the 2016-17 season we are introducing a rewrite of the rules regarding points awarded at club level including major/minor championships. The intent here, is not replace the 7th edition but to expand and better explain the scheme as it applies to club players and as it is used by club officials; as well as how it is handled by the scoring programs. This does NOT replace the 7th Edition, but should be a more digestible document for those interested in club level competitions. Nonetheless errors, omissions, unclear descriptions, etc have been modified and we believe this document will serve club officials and interested club players in the vast majority of cases. Reference to the 7th edition from time-to-time may still be required and any perceived contradictions should be brought to the notice of the MP Policy Committee (chairman Peter Hodgson). 

This section of the SBU website will be fleshed out in the days from 1st Sept 2016 in order to have an official record of the various MP documents available to all.

William Whyte

On behalf of …
Master Points Policy Committee
1st September 2016