A list of the teams entered so far appears at the end of this article.  If we have 22 or more teams entered, we shall have both a Division 2 and a Division 3. 

The two weekends of National League are October 28 & 29 at the Buchanan BC, Glasgow and November 18 & 19 at the New Melville BC, Edinburgh.  Entries are now being taken with a closing date of July 15th 2017.  The entry fee remains at £300 per team (Juniors half price).  The General CoC for trials for the coming season plus the specific one for the National League are available via the following links.

  • NL Supplementary Conditions of Contest 2017
  • Trials General Conditions of Contest 2017
  • National League 2017 (entries as of July 15th)

    Charles & Vi Outred, David Gerrard & Derek Diamond 

    Mike Ash & Arend Bayer, Paul Barton & Jun Nakamaru-Pinder 

    Iain Sime & John Matheson, John Murdoch & Gerald Haase 

    Iain Taylor, Andrew Symons, Peter Hodgson, Willie Nelson

    Alex Adamson, Mike McGinley, Sandy Duncan, Irving Gordon 

    Laura Middleton, Andy Philip, Finlay Marshall, Patrick Home

    Nigel Guthrie, Jim Forsyth, Paul Maiolani, Jim McMenemy, Tam Penman, Mark Menzies

    Harry Smith, Roy Bennett, Bob McPaul, Tony Wilkinson, Adam Dickinson, John Faben 

    Brian Short, Alan Goodman, Sam Punch, Stephen Peterkin 

    David Shenkin, Alistair Gordon, Martin Diamond, Norman Levitt, Alex Cram, Raymond Levitus 

  • Frazer Morgan, Phil Morrison, Phil Stephens, Alex Wilkinson

  • Ian Patrick, Bob McKinnon, Cathy Ferguson, Joan Lees, Alistair Ross, David Ritchie

  • Ronald Gaffin, Gints Freimanis, John Di Mambro, Douglas Mitchell

  • Ronan Valentine, Liam O'Brien, Glen Falconer, Damien Murray, Botond Hajdara 

  • Lucia Barrett, Veronica Guy, Carolyn Peploe, Derrick Peden, Tim McKay

  • Tim Wickens, Colin Macdonald, Allan Whiteford, Donald MacKenzie

  • Ian Burn, Stewart Duguid, Stewart Pinkerton, Bobby Moore

  • David King, David Briggs, Donald Fraser, jeff Bond, Damien Byron, Willie Clemmie

  • Alisdair McLeod, Steve Pomeroy, Jim Mason, Eddie McGeough, Graham Johnson, Mike Hodder
  • David MacCallum, Phil Martin, Lelin Yuan, Athena Chow, Maggie Szymanska (Edinburgh University team)
  • Liz McGowan, Fiona McQuaker, Anne Symons, Helen Kane, Sheila Adamson, Abi Wilson

The European Youth Team Championships took place in July 2017 in Šamorín, Slovakia.

See the team "video postcard" at!

For the U26 Open Team Championship, the selectors decided to build on the experience gained in the Junior Camrose and selected the same team for the U26 Open Team Championship.  Abi Wilson & Jun Nakamaru-Pinder, Gints Freimanis & Stewart Pinkerton, Liam O'Brien & Ronan Valentine, NPC: Liz McGowan..  This team ended 16th of 27 in a competition won by Sweden.

Scotland were represented in the Under-16 Series by Rebecca, Kristie, Chloe, and Millie, pictured with NPC Maureen Rennie.  Rebecca is the youngest person to represent Scotland at a European event, but Ralph Wiseman retains the record for his Peggy Bayer appearance aged eleven.  The young Scots found it heavy going and also finished 16th (but from a smaller field) and the event was won by Poland.

Representatives of the eight countries who founded the EBL, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, & Great Britain (which is now sub divided into Scotland, England & Wales), from the 8th European Open Championships (Bulletin 10).

The EBL @EuropeanBridge 8th Open Championships are under way in Montecatini. Links to the event microsite can be found at Event Microsite | Results | Championship bulletins



Open Pairs

  • Roy Bennett & Harry Smith 145/246 in Qual., 107/128 in Semi Final, 111/123 in MP Pairs
  • Sam Punch & Stephen Peterkin 192/246 in Qual., 15/128 in Semi Final, 54/123 in MP Pairs

Senior Pairs

  • Irving Gordon & Sandy Duncan 21/63 in Qual., 16/32 in Semi Final, 18/18 in final

Senior Teams

  • SCOTLAND: Roy Bennett, John Murdoch, Liz McGowan and Harry Smith - 22/28
  • SHORT: Brian Short, Alan Goodman, Irving Gordon and Sandy Duncan - 27/28


  • Brian Short & Alan Goodman 43/140
  • Sam Punch & Stephen Peterkin 88/140

Mixed Pairs

  • Sandy Duncan & Liz McGowan - 86/104 in Semi Final A
  • Stephen Peterkin & Sam Punch - 108/162 in SF B.

Mixed Teams:

  • Stephen Peterkin, Sam Punch, Sarah Teshome and James Thrower (both from England) finished 63/114 in qualifying.
  • Paula Leslie playing in a predominantly English "Badger" team with Jeffrey Allerton, Frances Hinden and Graham Osborne, 18/114 in qualifying, just missing out on the Phase of 16..


The Scotland team for the Chairman's Cup in Sweden will be Harry Smith, Roy Bennett, Alex Adamson and Mike McGinley.

This event is part of the Swedish Bridge Festival, and is run by the Swedish Bridge Federation.


Here is a list of Scotland lineups for the Teltscher Trophy:

A list of Scotland junior teams who have competed in the Euopean Youth Team Championships.

Scotland have a team in the White House Junior Internationals 2017, which is in het Witte Huis, Amsterdam w/c Monday 27 March.  Our team is Damien Murray/Matthew Robb, and Glen Falconer/Botond Hajdara. Iain Sime is NPC.  From every session a match is broadcasted live at BridgeBaseOnline; see the vugraph roster. The draw, the line-up of the teams and the playing schedule as well as results (also Butlerscores), daily bulletins and a guestbook (where you can support your juniors) at with a link to the website of the NBB (Dutch Bridge Federation):
At www.bridgenieuws.wordpress appear daily personal impressions.

The City of Lyon will be host to the 43rd World Bridge Teams Championships from 12 to 26 August 2017.  

Play the video.  

Seven hours of play for 15 consecutive days will be the regime imposed on the teams that reach the Finals. This requires a good deal of endurance and physical and mental strength.
Cedric Lorenzini and Thomas Bessis, two members of the French Open Team, understand this and are actively preparing as you can see!

The 4th Commonwealth Nations Bridge Championship will be held in Australia from 14th February to 18th February 2018 at Broadbeach, Queensland. The event will take the form of a Teams Championship with a qualifying event and Finals held over the five days.


The event is being organised by the QBA on behalf of the Australian Bridge Federation and the convenor will be Charles Page.

The event will be run as a precursor to the 57th Gold Coast Bridge Congress which will be held at the same venue from 17th February to 24th February and it is the intention to offer all entrants the opportunity who to play in both the Commonwealth · Nations Bridge Championship and the Gold Coast Bridge Congress. The Gold Coast Bridge Congress is regarded as one of the best Bridge Congress in the world so this is an excellent opportunity for the Commonwealth Nation Bridge players to take part in two great Bridge events.

At this stage we wish to advise you of the dates of the Commonwealth Event and seek an indication as to your Federation's or Association's interest and support of the event. The eligibility of players to enter the event as part of a Team will initially reside with you as the Federation or Association of a Sponsoring Commonwealth Nation Team or with the Convenor for Private Teams. As has been the case in previous iterations of the event there will be a combination of Private Teams and Sponsoring Nation Teams playing in the event.

The venue at Broadbeach is on the Gold Coast which is a one hour flight from Sydney or a one hour drive from Brisbane, with both cities having an international Airport. There is plenty of accommodation on the Gold Coast at very reasonable prices as it will be the home ofthe 2018 Commonwealth Games. The Broadbeach venue will also be an integral part of the 2018 Commonwealth Games which we have been very fortunate to have secured the use of for the Commonwealth Nations Bridge Championship.

I look forward to hearing from you and welcome your participation at what will be a truly fabulous Bridge event.

Charles Page ~
2018 Commonwealth Nations Bridge Championship

The SBU team (pictured) of Short, Goodman, Punch, Peterkin, Sime and Matheson (NPC Anne Symons) finished 4th in the Camrose competition, with a particularly impressive 2nd weekend where they finished ahead of England and won 4 of their 5 matches.  They beat the trophy winners Ireland 14-6 on both weekends!

The main Scotland lineup of Ash, Bayer, McGinley, Adamson, Hay and Duncan (NPC Malcolm Cuthertson) finished in 6th place.

The event was won the the Republic of Ireland, see the Camrose website for full details.


Scotland has won the Camrose Trophy outright on 12 occasions, most recently in 1998, and has been tied with England three times. Since 2005 there have two weekends of competition.

Here is a list of Scotland lineups (for each year, the events are listed in chronological order):

Scores at  . . . including final results table . . .  It's been Super Sunday for England in the Teltscher Trophy (Senior Camrose) 19-21 May 2017 - held at the Le Mon Country Club just outside Belfast - with four big wins en route to overhauling Ireland.  Scotland finished with a narrow victory against N Ireland to finish 4th. It was England's Teltscher though, so congratulations to them.

1. England (138.82)  2. Ireland (122.39)  3. Patron (96.83)  4. Scotland (84.01)  5. Wales (80.12)  6. N Ireland (77.83)

Scotland were represented by John Matheson & Iain Sime, John Murdoch & Gerald Haase and Harry Smith & Roy Bennett.  Anne Perkins was NPC.  The tournament was won by England, who started slowly but posted four big wins on the last day to coast home in the end.

Match 1: Scotland beat N Ireland gaining 17.04 VP, beat Wales gaining 16.55 VP, beat England gaining 13.96 VP, lost to the Patron's Team gaining 4.34 VP and lost to Ireland gaining 0.72 VP.

Match 2: Scotland beat N Ireland gaining 10.97 VP, lost to the Patron gaining 9.34 VP, lost to Wales gaining 8.72 VP, lost to the Ireland gaining 1.71 VP and lost to England gaining nil.








The junior selectors are pleased to announce the following team for the Peggy Bayer Trophy that will be held in Dublin on 17-19 February:

Gideon Green and Shiraz Shafi
David Tobias and Saketh Jampana
Adam Tobias and Donald Mackillop

NPC: Anne Symons