This page lists all trial entries received to date for Lady Milne/ European Women, Senior Camrose/ European Senior and European Open Teams. (this article is pinned on the home page).

Lady Milne & European Women

Lucia Barrett, Veronica Guy, Cathy Ferguson & Joan Lees

Anne Symons, Helen Kane, Sam Punch, Paula Leslie

Liz McGowan, Fiona McQuaker, Sheila Adamson, Abi Wilson

Laura Middleton, Julia Palmer, Rona Moss, Pam Leith

Senior Camrose & European Senior

Iain Sime, John Matheson, John Murdoch, Gerald Haase

Martin Diamond, Norman Levitt, Derek Diamond, Victor Silverstone

Charles Outred, Vi Outred, David Gerrard, Cathy Gerrard

Brian Short, Alan Goodman, Sandy Duncan, Finlay Marshall

Bob McKinnon, Cathy Ferguson, Jim Forsyth, Nigel Guthrie

David Shenkin, Alistair Gordon, Mike McGinley, Robert Clow (Senior Camrose only)

Harry Smith, Roy Bennett, Bob McPaul, Tony Wilkinson

Anne Symons, Liz McGowan, Danny Kane, Mike Ash (European possibly)

Alex Russell, Anne Coles, Emily Garden, Bill Ross

European Open

Bob McKinnon, Cathy Ferguson, Allan Whiteford, Donald MacKenzie

Mike Ash, Miro Dragic, Paul Barton, Jun Nakamaru-Pinder

Jim Hay, Abi Wilson, Finlay Marshall, Tim McKay

Alex Adamson, Mike McGinley, Derek Sanders, Stephen Peterkin

Harry Smith, Roy Bennett, Bob McPaul, Tony Wilkinson 

Ronan Valentine, Liam O'Brien, Gints Freimanis, Stewart Pinkerton

David Shenkin, Alistair Gordon, George Plant, Peter Moss

  • New Date for Camrose Weekend 2

    The new date is the weekend of April 6th - 8th in Dublin.  As Jun has important exams coming up, he and Paul have had to make the difficult decision to withdraw from the team selected for the second weekend.  The team will therefore revert to the one that played the first weekend in Belfast - namely Brian Short & Alan Goodman, Sam Punch & Stephen Peterkin and Mike Ash & Arend Bayer with...

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  • Men's Pairs 2018 won by Bob Hunter & Ron Moodie

    Congratulations to Bob Hunter and Ron Moodie who have won the Men's Pairs event (after initial confusion) with 59.40%.  Harry Smith and Ronan Valentine were runners up with 56.10%.

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  • Men's Pairs Saturday 24th February 2018

    I have to apologise in respect of this event to all the participants on behalf of the SBU. First of all we had an inadequate movement but too late to change as it would have, I understand, taken 30mins + to alter everything. This was followed up by the wrong scores being allocated to pairs which made a nonsense of the results. It is hoped that the correct scores can be calculated and any pair with scorecards is invited...

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  • Men's Teams 2018 won by Martin Diamond, Norman Levitt, David Shenkin, Alistair Gordon

    The Men's Teams has been won by Martin Diamond, Norman Levitt, David Shenkin and Alistair Gordon (131.93 VP) with Mike Ash, Robert Ferrari, Alex Adamson and Glen Falconer runners up with 131.56.

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  • European Open Trial

    The team of Mike Ash & Miro Dragic and Paul Barton & Jun Nakamaru-Pinder won the Open Trial with a score of 106.6 VPs.  The McKay team were second with 95.91 VPs, Smith third with 94.09 VPs and Valentine fourth with 89.56 VPs.  The winning team along with the leading pair in the X imps - Abi Wilson & Jim Hay will be our Open European team in Ostend with Sandy Duncan as their NPC.

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  • Short beats Duncan to win the Gold Cup (Scottish section)

    SHORT [Brian Short, Alan Goodman, Sam Punch & Stephen Peterkin] beat DUNCAN to win the Scottish part of the Gold Cup.

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  • President's Report January 2018

    I have not been playing as often as I would have hoped due to a gall bladder problem. The heavy dose of painkillers following this operation did not help for making decisions and a few errors were made that I would like to take back. I did not make Aviemore but did manage Peebles in December though I was worried if I could cope with the long hours as I was told it was a 16-week recovery period. I coped alright but...

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  • Senior Selections

    The team for the Senior Camrose being held in Wales in May will be Iain Sime & John Matheson, John Murdoch & Gerald Haase and Jim Forsyth & Nigel Guthrie - NPC Anne Perkins The Senior European team for Ostend in June will be Iain Sime & John Matheson, John Murdoch & Gerald Haase and Alan Goodman & Brian Short - NPC Anne Perkins...

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  • Lady Milne Trial Final Results

    The final results are Team 1 - Abi Wilson, Sheila Adamson, Fiona McQuaker, Liz McGowan - 166.94 VPs Team 3 - Sam Punch, Paula Leslie, Anne Symons, Helen Kane - 129.72 VPs Team 2 - Cathy Ferguson, Joan Lees, Lucia Barrett, Veronica Guy - 96.69 VPs Team 4 - Rona Moss, Pam Leith, Laura Middleton, Julia Palmer - 86.65 VPs When individual pairs results using X imps were taken into consideration, the International...

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  • Women's & Seniors National Pairs - Ostend

    Women’s and Seniors National Pairs Championships to be held in Ostend in June - please see attached flyer for further information.

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  • Trialists & Convention Cards 2017-18

    Registered system cards for National League and trials Click the pair for their system card. EBL/WBF system categories, other than green, are marked. Systems changed after initial publication will be highlighted. Note that each team is restricted to four system cards per weekend. These are predicted partnerships for the National League. SBU simple system WBF card (doc, odt, pdf) 2017-2018 season Open European...

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  • European Teams Championships in June 2018

    The 54th European Teams Championships will be held at Kursaal Oostende (Sea Promenade), Ostend, Belgium from 6th to 16th June 2018. Information letter (September 2017)

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