Competition Name Kennedy Trophy  
Holder Carole Macartney & Sheena Spence  
Event Type Match pointed pairs  
Master Points

6 National Points will be awarded to the top 1/2 of the field, if 36 or more boards played, otherwise to the top 1/3rd of field, based on 16 finalists.

Qualification The Kennedy Trophy is for players ranked as Novice and Club Masters.  

The final of 16 pairs will be held at Buchanan BC, 4 Clairmont Gardens, Glasgow  G3 7LW

on Sunday the 28th April 2019 at 12 noon. Director: TBD.

Finalists  The 16 finalists, and reserves, will be published here, after results from all the heats are received.  
  Please confirm if you're intending to play, or not, to Alison Carmichael so that we can offer a place to a reserve pair if you're unable to take part.  
Catering Select choice of Soup, Roll, Cake to be taken at break ~ 2.20 p.m.  
Catering Select choice of Soup, Roll, Cake. Specify any special requirement; e.g. Gluten free  
  Soup:         1. Lentil (vegetarian)  2. Cream of Mushroom (no added gluten)  
  Filled Roll:  1. Gammon & tomato  2. Roast beef with horseradish & rocket  3. Tuna mayonnaise  4. Cheese slice & salad  5. Chicken mayonnaise  
  Cake:         1.Fresh cream strawberry tart  2. Chocolate ganache roulade  3. Raspberry & buttercream Victoria sandwich  
  Please send your order to the convenor by 17th April, and indicate any special requirement. e.g. Gluten free.  
  Cost is £7 for Soup, Filled Roll, and cake. 




Qualifying heats in clubs may be held at any time from Monday 18th March to Friday 22nd March 2019.

Players may only play in 1 heat.

National Points will be awarded to the top 1/3rd in each qualifying heat.

No. of Boards A minimum of 21 boards must be played. Minimum number of pairs is 8. Eligible Pairs Finalists
Ayrshire Ayrshire Bridge Centre. Fri 22nrd March. 1.30 pm. Maureen Rennie    
Central Dundee BC. Tue 19th March. 7 p.m. Helen Taylor.    
East Carlton BC, Wed 20th March 1.30 p.m. Sara Duncan    
  Melville BC; Thu 21st March. 7 p.m. Anne Perkins    
North Aberdeen Bridge Club. Mon 18th March 7 p.m. Loraine Findlay    
South Loreburn Bridge Club, Dumfries. Tue 19th March 1.30 p.m. Contact Mona Thomson. Director: Robert Dempster.    
West Buchanan Bridge Club. Tue 19th March Play Starts 7 p.m. Contact Ricky Finlayson.    
Entry Fee    

£3.00 per player plus table money (collected at venues) for qualifying heats.
£5.00 per player for the Final (including table money).

Results Conveners should be familiar with how to process results from an event    
Contact SBU Convener