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Holders: Ron Moodie & Bob Hunter

Type: Match-pointed pairs.


The national final will be held at Buchanan BC, 4 Clairmont Gardens, Glasgow  G3 7LW

 Sunday 28th April 2019 at 12 noon. 24 Pairs playing about 46 boards with a break ~ 2.45. End ~18h30

Finalists, if your status is 'unknown', please confirm to Alison Carmichael, ( congresspoints @ outlook,com ), A reserve pair may be offered a place if you can't attend.

Please send your Catering order before 15th April to: Tournament @ (see below for Soup, Roll, Cake choices).


Catering arrangements for the Final on 28th April, 2019

Catering Select choice of Soup, Roll, Cake. Specify any special requirement; e.g. Gluten free  
  Soup:         1. Lentil   2. Cream of Mushroom  
  Filled Roll: 1.Gammon  2.Tuna mayonnaise  3.Free range egg Mayonnaise  4.Roast beef with salad & horseraddish  5.Cheese & tomato  
  Cake:         1.Fresh cream meringues  2.Victoria sandwich  3.Chocolate tiffin  
  Please send your order to the convenor by15th April, and indicate any special requirement. e.g. Gluten free.  
  Cost is £7 for Soup, Filled Roll, and cake. 


Master Points:

National Final winners will be awarded a maximum of 20.00 National Points (NP = red) assuming a 24 pair Final, with subsequent lower awards to the top half of the field.
If less than 24 pairs, the points awards will be adjusted pro-rata.