Competition Name Autumn Pairs
Holders John Hamilton & Dave Sharp
Event Type

Clubs designate one match-pointed event during the month of October as their heat of this competition.  Results are collated and the pair with the highest percentage in Scotland are the winners.

Master Points

A bonus award of 500 local points is given to the top 1/3rd of field.  In addition, local points are also awarded for the heats at double the normal club scale. Clubs must not award local points.

Venue Clubs
Date Heats may be held in clubs between 1st October and 31st October 2016
No. of Boards  

Each club Secretary should send the results* to the Convener by 14th November 2016. Please ensure that there is a contact address, together with telephone number or e-mail address, included in the information sent. Cheques should be made payable to the SBU and sent to the convener.

*Results Format

It is a requirement for electronic transfer of masterpoints that SBU numbers must be provided for all players.  This is easily done from the results page of Scorebridge. Click on "Make File" and then "Spreadsheet" . A file of the results will be created including SBU numbers (if you have entered them against members). Forward this spreadsheet file to the convener. If using the Jeff Smith programme, make sure that within the "Report" section "Rank +NBO numbers" is ticked.

Rename the output file with a meaningful description (including the club name and district) and send to the convener.

Entry Fee     £3.00 per player to the Scottish Bridge Union, table money at the club’s discretion
Contact Fiona Greenwood   at   0131 332 9719, 8A Dean Terrace, Edinburgh EH4 1ND