Holders: Sam Punch and Stephen Peterkin


Swiss pairs (8 rounds of 6 boards).


Hutcheson’s Grammar School, 21 Beaton Road, Glasgow, G41 4NW 


Saturday, 11th February 2017 at 1.00 pm

Entry Fee:

£15 per person (including table money) -cheques payable to SBU.       enter on line


Results* should be sent to the convener.   


E-mail               sbuconvener



Master Points:

Maximum award of 7.5 National Points based on a minimum entry of 48 pairs to the top 1/4 of the field. An award of 0.25 National Points will be made for each match won and 0.13 for each match drawn.

*Results Format

It is a requirement for electronic transfer of masterpoints that SBU numbers must be provided for all players.

This is easily done from the results page of Scorebridge. Click on "Make File" and then "Spreadsheet" . A file of the results will be created including SBU numbers (if you have entered them against members). Forward this spreadsheet file to the convener.

If using the Jeff Smith programme, make sure that within the "Report" section "Rank +NBO numbers" is ticked.

Rename the output file with a meaningful description (including the club name and district) and send to the convener.