The details for the forthcoming season have still to be confirmed.

Competition Name Jesner Trophy
Holders Bill West and Rod Jenkins
Event Type Simultaneous Match-pointed pairs.  Each heat should be played as a one winner event either as a Howell or arrow switched Mitchell.

Simultaneous heats will be held in Districts:

  • Carlton Bridge Centre at 1pm
  • Ayrshire Bridge Centre at 1pm
  • Glasgow Bridge Centre at 1:30pm
  • Dundee Bridge Club at 1pm
  • Ness Bridge Club, Inverness at 1:30pm
  • Aberdeen Bridge Club at 1:30pm
Date Sunday 6th November 2016
No. of Boards A minimum of 28 boards to be played.  The same boards will be played at each venue and scored across the whole field.

The Jesner Trophy is restricted to Masters and Senior Masters. Note that “mixed partnerships” are allowed but the higher ranked player must be of this ranking. 

Entry Fee £5 per player plus table money (collected at venues). Cheques should be made payable to the "SBU". 
Master Points Maximum award of 10 National Points with awards to the top 1/3rd of the field.

Each Club Secretary should send their results* to the convener asap.

Results should also be e-mailed to our scorer 

Results Format

It is a requirement for electronic transfer of masterpoints that SBU numbers must be provided for all players.

Send the following to the scorer

  • the .DAT file, for your event, you will find it in c:\bridgedata
  • a spreadsheet file showing the players names along with their SBU numbers


This is easily done from the results page of Scorebridge. Click on "Make File" and then "Spreadsheet" . A file of the results will be created including SBU numbers (if you have entered them against members). Forward this spreadsheet file to the convener.

If using the Jeff Smith programme, make sure that within the "Report" section "Rank +NBO numbers" is ticked.

Rename the output file with a meaningful description (including the club name and district) and send to the convener and scorer.

Contact E-mail