The SBU is looking for new Directors for National Events.  This includes One Day Events, Congresses and Trials.   Directors who are interested in scoring would be very welcome. 

The course will take place in Edinburgh at the New Melville Bridge Club.  It is open to anyone interested in directing at a national level including those who want to refresh or improve their directing skills.  No prior knowledge is assumed.

Day 1 is an introduction to National Directing.  This will include: the role of the director; running an event including the selection of movements; an introduction to the laws and rulings; how to deal with director calls: and the basics of EBU Score, the main scoring programme used. 

Day 2 is more advanced and is suitable for those with directing experience as well as those who have attended the first day.   There will be workshops on the laws including the recent revisions: table exercises on rulings at the table; and dealing with scoring and computer problems that arise.  There will be a session on uploading results to the SBU website.

Those who attend both days will receive a certificate. 

To register for the course or to get further information contact  Mike Baron.