These seminars are held every two years and are attended by the NBO’s . This year the event was in Berlin and was attended by 96 delegates from 34 countries.

The event provided an ideal opportunity to network, providing face to face contact, exchanges of ideas and receiving offers of help from countries large and small.

 We discovered that the problems we have in Scotland of bridge ‘dying’ are not unique.

Each federation, large or small has found that numbers playing competitive bridge are falling and that any increase in numbers is due to the recreational side.

This year’s seminar was predominately about youth, promotion of bridge and having bridge recognised as a “SPORT”

Although Bridge is a sport in the eyes of the IOC not every country accepts this. There is a lot to be gained from this both from funding and as an aid to bridge being on the school curriculum.

France, the largest federation with 105,563 members has been advertising on television and Israel with 6699 members has produced a promotional film.

The role of the internet in bridge was explored. In some countries, national events would take place in a venue, supervised by an ‘honourable person’ to preserve the integrity of the competition.

A most enjoyable four days, with plenty of new ideas worth considering, the only problem was no bridge!

The presentations given are on the EBL website as power point slides.