Council Contacts

Role Contact Name Phone Address
President email Ian Hunter 01382 783136  
Treasurer email George Plant 0131 446 3516 21/5 Falcon Rd West, Edinburgh EH10 4AD
Secretary email Avril Sloane    
Finance email Fiona Greenwood 0131 332 9719  
Tournament email Peter Hodgson    
Selection email Anne Perkins 0131 539 6634  

Member Services

Membership email Bill Whyte   SBU Dept #16, 196 Rose St, Edinburgh EH2 4AT
Masterpoints email Bill Whyte   SBU Dept #16, 196 Rose St, Edinburgh EH2 4AT

Other Contacts

By Post

Please use the Rose Street address for postal mail to the SBU Secretary until further notice.
Cheques and correspondence related to membership and master points should always be sent to Rose Steet.
The Rose St address is a mailbox, visited once or twice a week, so please be patient, replies will not always be immediate.

Making Payments to SBU

Payments can be made by bank transfer (internet) directly to the SBU bank account, but please make sure the reference is clear, concise and self-explanatory.
Due to the fact that bank references are often overwritten by the sending or receiving bank's own software, it really is mandatory to send a confirmation email to the SBU Treasurer describing the date, amount and reason for the payment. Unidentifed transfers take considerable effort to be identified, please help us avoid unnecessary workload.

SBU bank a/c details

  • Bank of Scotland
  • Sort Code: 80-06-83
  • Account Number: 00942229