For the first time in Scotland, the Scottish Bridge Union (SBU) is screening a new bridge film – a film documentary based on a Youth World Bridge Championship which explores the perspectives of the young card players, their families and the wider bridge community.

The film unpacks some of the stereotypes about the game and is particularly aimed at those who may not previously have thought about the card game as a potential leisure activity for themselves or their families.

Double Dummy – a Bridge Film – 5pm, 3 June 2018
Macrobert Filmhouse - a cinema at the University of Stirling

We want to promote this as widely as possible and the Scottish Bridge Union (SBU) are supporting this event as a marketing tool to promote bridge – the game that many are passionate about because of the significant social, health and cognitive benefits it can bring.

There is evidence that playing bridge can lead to increased positive cognitive, social and quality of life outcomes which can promote healthy ageing. As well as being fun and good for socialising, bridge also encourages the development of both team and partnership skills, including communication skills, empathy, tolerance and emotional control.

We need your help putting posters up in shops/cafes/pubs/post-offices and similar locations. Other possibilities include schools (with their permission) and work places where bridge can be promoted as a new hobby to be taken up as people approach retirement age (perhaps 40-60 year olds).

Macrobert have agreed to put it in their programme of events with a Q&A discussion afterwards with the US-based producer (who will be in the UK in June), at a reduced rate of £5 per ticket. The film lasts 86 minutes and the optional Q&A will be around 30 minutes.

We are encouraging existing bridge players to think about bringing along their children, grandchildren, friends, neighbours or other relatives to show them why we are so drawn to the game. We suggest that some players may buy a ticket for a non-bridge playing friend (as a way of giving back something to the game they love).

We are particularly keen to attract non-bridge players of all ages who may be interested in taking up the game. We have posters (electronically – available from ) which we are asking you to put up as well as fliers to promote the film.

Please support this exciting initiative to change the image of the card game of bridge and to attract new players

Bridge lessons in the longer-term:

After the film screening, over the Summer and Autumn, it will be possible to attend some bridge taster sessions or fast track courses which we will advertise at the event on 3 June. We will also have information about bridge lessons that are available locally (for further information on this, please contact Peter below).

Contact Peter Edmond about bridge lessons in your local area:
or tel 0141.563.8223