Policy Announcement from the Laws and Ethics Committee

The Scottish Bridge Union (SBU) has decided to adopt a policy of recording psychic bids.

This is NOT designed to stamp out psyching, which has always been part of our game.
The aim is to discourage the practice of ‘fielding’ psychic bids (catering for the possibility that the bid is not genuine), while at the same time protecting players from baseless accusations of collusion.

To that end, we shall ask all players to report psychic bids made at events sponsored by the SBU. (Clubs and Districts may wish to keep their own records, but for the time being the SBU is not equipped to deal with every instance of psyching.)
The Tournament Director will note details on a form designed for the purpose, and forward this to the Laws and Ethics Committee (L&E).
The L&E will decide whether the call is in fact psychic, and if so categorise it as Green (perfectly legitimate), Amber (leaves a bad taste for some reason) or Red (clearly fielded).

Records will be kept in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act.  
Players will have access to their own record, and TDs may access a player’s record if that information may help decide a ruling.

The policy will succeed only if all psychic bids are recorded, so we need your co-operation. Please report all instances of psyching at your table, including your own efforts.

A psychic bid has been defined as a gross violation of the meaning of a call, generally a misstatement of honour strength or suit length. A difference of a point or two, or a single card, would not cause a call to be defined as a psyche.

We take this opportunity to remind you that the SBU has exercised its option under Law 40B(d) to restrict the use of psychic artificial calls. It is forbidden to psyche strong artificial opening bids that are forcing: e.g. an Acol strong 2♣ opener, or 1♣ in a Strong Club system.

Such a psychic call is subject to a procedural penalty.