Best Practice in the use of Electronic Scorepads (Bridgemates etc)

The electronic scorepad has undoubtedly increased accuracy in scoring by removing one stage of data transfer by fallible human beings.

However, it has not removed human error altogether – our Tournament Directors report that the most frequent reason for a call to the table is scoring error: the score has been entered under the wrong board number, or to the wrong declarer, or a double has been omitted, or…………….

How to minimise errors

Best practice for North (or whoever is in charge of the electronic scoring device)

1)      As soon as the board is placed on the table enter its number

2)      As soon as the contract is known enter the contract and declarer

3)      As soon as the opening lead is made, enter that (if required)

4)      At the end of play agree the number of tricks before entering that

5)      After pressing OK show opponents the verification screen

Best practice for East-West

  • Check Board number, contract, declarer and number of tricks on the verification screen.
  • Do not press Accept or OK until you are satisfied that the data is correct


If, in spite of all this, incorrect data has been accepted:

Call the TD and explain what has happened.

He will erase the incorrect information and allow you to enter the correct information.

He will confirm that your opponents agree with the amended data.


When there is a Playing Director he may have other demands on his time.

He may depute the duty of erasing the wrong information to another player, or may supply you with a correction slip so that he can make the score correction later.

In any event, all changes to data must be recorded by the TD.

No unauthorised changes shall be made.


In the event that a result has been entered under the wrong board number, and data for an unplayed board has been seen so that the board cannot be played, both sides are held to be responsible, and both will receive average minus on the board



Best practice for sponsoring organisations

Issue the 4-digit TD Pin only to authorised tournament directors

Change it regularly (no matter how carefully guarded, this is the sort of information that leaks out)